IMG_6420story by Sam Aaron, Haley Dixon and Sarah Emily Rish

Students ranging from all levels of dance gathered this past Thursday and Friday to showcase their talent at the fall dance concert.

“I get excited at every single show because I get excited for my students,” Haynes said. “It’s not really about me anymore because I stopped performing years ago, so with me not being a professional dancer I’m more wanting them [her dance students] to experience the stage and what that stage brings out in them.”

Dancers went through many intense practices to prepare for this concert.

“We have practice every week after school from four to six and we learn the finale dance the first two days and then the rest of the days we practice with costumes, lights, and Thursday before the show we do a run through of the whole entire show exactly how we would do it that night and Friday night,” senior Zaria Warren said.

The concert consisted of wide varieties of dances, emotions and technique from all of the dancers.

“I think this is one of our better dance concerts because the middle school was in it and we had a wide variety of dances in it,” senior Elise Maglione said.

Over the years, the dance concert has improved for some students, making it even more enjoyable for the audience.

“I think[the dance concert has] gotten better every year,” Zaria said. “We have different types of styles that we put into the concert and new people come and you see a lot of new, creative things come together.”

There are still things that dancers can improve on for the next concert.

“[I need to work on my] facial expressions because they make the dance, so you have to be able to match your expression to the expression of the dance,” junior Anyah Barber said.

For Haynes, this concert is a chance to see her dancers flourish as performers.

“I get really excited to see my dancers experience this [performing in the concert]. To see the new dancers that have never been on stage experience this for the first time and have that “yes” moment.” Haynes said.

Being a senior, Zaria thinks of the dance concert as a positive aspect of her high school career.

“It made my high school experience better. Dance is my number one thing here to do, so I love it and it makes everything better,” Zaria said.

The dance concert allows all dancers to showcase their talents for their peers.

“I’m excited about performing with the Dazzlers. This is my first time on the team…” Lana said.

Through the preparation for this concert, students have gained more confidence to perform in front of others.

“I feel like people are becoming more open to dancing in front of people,” Lana said.

Whatever the reason may be for attending, the dancers have worked tirelessly, along with Haynes, to deliver an unforgettable performance to their audience.

“We review every day in class, we go over everything we need to and we break down things in class so everyone knows what they need to do,” Anyah said.

Selling out for the first time, the concert included performances from the Dutch Fork Middle School dance team also.

“The dancers were amazing and continue to get better each year. It was also really cool to have the middle school dance program join forces with us for the concert,” Haynes said.

There were many dances that were enjoyed by the other dancers, not just the audience.

“My favorite dance was It Could Happen to You because the choreography was amazing and the performers really embodied their character,” Elise said.

Haynes was impressed by the dancers’ performances and how the concert went as a whole.

“The expectations I have on each level and placed on each level were accomplished and were successful during this concert and I couldn’t have asked for more,” Haynes said.

Because Haynes is not a performer anymore, she tries her best to prepare her students for the concerts the best that she can.

“I am not the one on stage performing but I do my best to give them the tools to be successful on stage and walk away with a successful feeling,” Haynes said. “I tell my students all the time, ‘Shoot for the stars because even if you miss you’ll be among the stars.’”