story by Lydia Kicklighter, Lindsay Long, Chyna Wallace

For the first time in a long time, Dutch Fork High School is coming together to have a cohesive holiday toy drive for families in need in the Irmo/Dutch Fork community.  Getting all of the clubs and organizations involved is time consuming and difficult, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

The purpose behind the toy drive was to do a big charity event for the whole school. Every group or organization does something, and we wanted to have one big charity event that everyone participated in. Student Council contacted the Salvation Army, and they said what would benefit them was toys, so that’s how we came about that,” Assistant Principal Jason Pollock said.

With the contact procured and a goal for the drive reached, all that was left was student body and staff participation for a good turnout.

“The toys are being donated to the families in our community, and we need any toys that kids won’t choke on and that are safe and just plain enjoyable,” sophomore Junior Civitans member Sarah Vore said.  

Making sure the toy is safe is definitely the number one priority for students, as well it being age appropriate.

“[We need] any kind of toy that a kid could use. If you’re looking for an age range, I would say 3-12, just toys that would be appropriate for them,” Pollock said.  

This toy drive could be one of the biggest for the school because of the magnitude of all of the organizations and students involved, but that is only if everyone does their part.

“I think the turnout will be pretty big because the school has been talking about it so much,” junior Beta Club member Haley Chiles said.

The school is hoping for as many donations as possible, but everyone still needs to remember to keep a positive attitude and good mindset.

“This is the first time in a while we’ve done a school wide effort, so I don’t really know what we’ll get, but any number of toys we get we’ll consider a success,” sophomore Treasurer Anna Dunbar said.

This positive attitude is also the reason behind the drive and what will keep it going, so it can be impactful this year and hopefully years to come as a way to contribute to the community.

The toy drive is important because a lot of people in the community don’t have the ability to have a good Christmas and toys, so it’s good to give back,” Sarah said.

That is precisely the purpose of this drive: to give back to the community and those who are less fortunate.

“The purpose behind the toy drive is to have a school wide effort to give back to the community for a holiday project,” Anna said.

This school wide effort will bring more people into the forefront of school service and impact how Dutch Fork as a community gives back.

“I think that there will be a great turnout,” junior Alex Chalgren said. “Not just for the club, but also for the school as a whole because there are so many kindhearted and generous people at our school.”