Last week, the world was blown away by the Twitter fight between rappers Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa.


Last week, the world was blown away by the Twitter fight between rappers Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. The snarky and rude comments made by both cultural icons were prime time entertainment for Twitter users. While the jokes may be funny and entertaining at a celebrity level, the issue is also a problem at a more common level.

In the past decade, internet usage has risen tremendously every year, and the problem of altercations being solved online has risen with it.

The first and most obvious problem that arises from “Twitter fights,” or any type of fight on the web, is that it promotes cyberbullying. National campaigns have been launched to prevent cyberbullying as teen suicide rates rise.

The idea behind it is: when you post online, either through your own profile or anonymously, it is easier to say something you feel rather than say it in person. Any person with a phone these days knows that it is easier to text someone information than say it to their face or call them on the phone. It eliminates a pressure that you feel, so it is easier to say mean things over text, Twitter, Facebook, or any time of online platform, than in person.

Confrontations online also get a lot of attention. Tweets between Kanye and Wiz got upwards of 60,000 retweets, but this also common for everyday people. A fight can’t go by online without the whole school talking about it the next day. It is now a constant battle to see who can be the meanest or the most “savage” online, and this causes the bullying of a person. Society has taken a negative direction where we believe publicly calling out individuals on their flaws is amusing.

While posting mean or inappropriate comments online is at an all time high, so are the repercussions that result. A large number of teens all across the country have been arrested for cyberbullying, many serving jail time. If the situation leads to the victim hurting themselves, the charges could even reach several years in prison.

But one thing that the world doesn’t know about these “Twitter fights” is that people you don’t know about are watching. An increasing number of employers are now searching through employee’s social media pages to see what they post. Also, college admissions representatives are looking at applicant’s profiles to make sure they are accepting a deserving individual.

Lastly, Twitter fights are just plain dumb. What happened to the days of rappers settling things face to face? Tupac and Biggie would look at Kanye and Wiz and laugh. Rap has become the most popular genre in America according to Spotify, but the most we’ve gotten out of these Twitter beefs is two diss tracks from Drake. Yawn. Congrats Kanye, you’ve managed to make yourself look even more like a teenage girl.

Twitter and other social media platforms have risen to the pinnacle of today’s society. Not only do friends, family, and peers follow each other, they follow celebrities, and while it might be funny to watch Drake drag Meek Mill or see Nicki Minaj fire shots at Taylor Swift, it is a serious situation when you bully individuals through Twitter. That tweet you sent about someone may be funny now, but will it be funny when you get rejected from your dream college or not hired by a business?


photo courtesy of Kapulya / Getty Images / BuzzFeed