With both collegiate and professional football leagues coming to a close, the Super Bowl marks the final round of football.


With both collegiate and professional football leagues coming to a close, the Super Bowl marks the final round of football.  The Denver Broncos faced off against the Carolina Panthers.  Carolina fans were disappointed in the result of the game.

“I think that the team lost their intensity that we’d seen all season, that underdog mentality, tThe lights and the hype were too much for them this time,” sophomore Stephen Wise said.

The game was more so a defensive struggle than anything.  Surprising for a game featuring two of the best quarterbacks in all of football, Peyton Manning and Cam Newton.

With a borderline blowout, many are disappointed with the way the Panthers competed against the tough defense of the Broncos.

“Well before I thought it was going to be a tight game, not a blow out, but that the Panthers would win due to their impressive Offensive line. Right now I feel that the Broncos defense was too strong and that yes, that defense does indeed win games. They were better prepared and cooler under the pressure,” sophomore Niyati Shah said.

With both defenses coming to play not a lot of offense arose. There were only two offensive touchdowns, they were merely 1 and 2 yard runs.
“We never really had a good right tackle in Mmike Rremmers, and Von Miller had a field day with him,” junior Craig Pitts said.

Newton fell rather flat, most fans were disappointed in his lack of effort. He completed 18/41 passes and threw for 265 yards. Unfortunately he did throw an interception and had three fumbles, totaling in four turnovers.

“Initially I was irritated because we didn’t show up at the biggest stage.  Cam wasn’t playing at the MVP level he had been all season and we just didn’t really show up to play,”Stephen said.

Cam simply couldn’t perform under pressure, choking in the most iImportant game of the season.

“It’s a bad way to end a amazing year, with all the panthers had to endure and push through and with the MVP season Cam had.  It’s disappointing to not finish the year on top,” Crai Craig said.

Carolina did make many mistakes including electing to run in situations where it wasn’t necessary.

“Well the team went wrong on which plays were decided to be ran (even though it isn’t their fault) also I think that the team wasn’t as focused as they are at home. Most of the players are relatively young and aren’t used to playing in an intense game like the SB like the Broncos. The pressure got to them and they began to lose control as well as a lack of precision and accuracy,.” Niyati said.

With the number one defense in the league, the Broncos were a force to be reckoned with.

“The turning point was probably when Cam threw that interception. You could just see the wind taken out of the team’s sails. They weren’t ready for a defense of that caliber, no help on the edges,.” Stephen said.

After the Panthers came out of the third quarter with no points, fans everywhere knew it was over.

“Well I think the turning point of the game was the sack on Cam Newton in the 2nd (or third I don’t remember) quarter. The Ppanthers are a 2nd half team and after the ball was practically handed to the defense it everything really just went downhill. They were not able to recover per usual and kept giving the Broncos opportunities to expand their lead,.” Niyati said.

Although Super Bowl Fifty was disappointing for the Panthers, fans are excited for the future of Carolina football.

“With Kelvin Benjamin coming back,” Stephen said “Up to 20 million dollars in cap space (after franchise tagging Norman), an MVP quarterback, a stellar defense, and an entire draft class that will step in and contribute, [there’s a] Bright future in Carolina for these boys”

Story by Sam Aaron