The Republican Primary took place in South Carolina on February 20 ,and students involved in campaigns worked tirelessly to gather votes.

The Republican Primary took place in South Carolina on February 20 ,and students involved in campaigns worked tirelessly to gather votes.

I have gone to many Trump rallies and around 3 hours of phone banking- 300 plus calls,” junior Ashley Meade said. “I’ve done many others things on my own time as well- publication of our organization and technical details of the process.”

Others have volunteered to set up certain parties and rallies for their chosen candidates.

“I volunteered for Ben Carson’s campaign for a few weeks helping to set up their office in west Columbia and worked a viewing party,” senior Kevin Gagnon said.

Many students became involved in campaigns for classes, but enjoy making a difference in their community.

“The main reason why I went [to campaign for Ben Carson] was I needed to get political involvement hours for my AP government class. I thought that volunteering for Carson’s campaign would be a good experience.,” senior Anna Wolverton said.

Supporters of Trump pride themselves for their avid use of social media to reach out to potential voters.

“Our big resource is social media- that’s how we reach out to different parts of the state and nationally. We gain contacts and use those to our benefit,” Ashley said.

Voters often change their views and side with candidates different from their original picks.

“I originally liked a lot of his [Ben Carson’s] standpoints such as the flat tax, however, learning more about him and the stances of other candidates I realized I align more with other candidates,” Kevin said.

Whatever the reason for wanting to get involved, students are encouraged to vote and make their voices known.

“The main way I’d say to get involved would just be to get out and vote,” Kevin said.

There are students that have worked on more campaigns than others.

“I have given lots of money and I’ve worked on more than five different campaigns,” junior Alex Chalgren said.

Trump’s win in the Primary came as no surprise to his supporters.

“I knew Trump would win but I did not realize he’d win by such lengths,” Alex said.

Because of this win, supporters of Trump believe that this is one step away from the general election.

“ Personally, I am ecstatic for this win. This will lead us to more opportunities and closer to winning [the nomination],” Ashley said.

There are many steps to take to get involved in campaigns such as Trump’s.

“People can get involved by going to our national website,, and applying to join our coalition or they can go directly to a campaign office and see how they wish to use their services,” Alex said.

This Republican Primary, though it may have disappointed the voters who wanted their candidate to win, still proves that anyone can get involved and rally for their favorite candidate to win.

“I think it would be great if people would become educated and look at all the stances of candidates so they can then honestly tell people why they support their candidate,” Anna said. “I think it’s most important that everyone individually is knowledgeable.”

Story by Zakiya Austin, Maddie Mason and Sarah Emily Rish