Every sports team always has room for improvement.  The same is true for the lacrosse team, and they are living up to their high expectations with two wins right off the bat.

Every sports team always has room for improvement.  The same is true for the lacrosse team, and they are living up to their high expectations with two wins right off the bat.

“We’ve proved ourselves to be a formidable opponent against teams around the state in scrimmages in the preseason. We can take our region and should be able to make a strong run in the playoffs, with a good chance of going to state. We have a strong start after beating Chapin and a consistently good midlands team, A. C. Flora,” senior Midfielder Andrew Herbst said.

This feat was accomplished because of the team’s persistence and drive to win that allowed them to make stronger strides this season in comparison to the past.

“This team is unbelievably focused each and every time we hit the field no matter who the opponent is. We never back down and we never will give up until the last whistle blows.That is why I believe this team is a playoff caliber team, and not just a one and done. We want to prove to the entire state that we are a force to be reckoned with,” junior Midfielder Alex Johnson said.

Especially in comparison to past years, this team is looking to be better than ever.  Players believe they can achieve this because of their lack of wins in the past, so it’s pushing them to work harder to make their team better.

“This year we have a group of guys that are looking to have a breakout year. We are hyped up and ready to wreck some teams,” junior Defense Jordan Young said.

This excitement to win and create a name for themselves is making for a riveting start to the season. And this is allowing for more wins and more chances to show the rest of the state what they’re made of.

“We are a threat to the midlands because we are sick and tired of being the team everyone wants to play because they assume it’s an easy win. We want to be the team that everyone is scared of and everyone marks on their calendar,” Alex said.

Once the team creates a name for themselves, which they’ve already started to do, the rest of the midlands and eventually the state will look at them like a force to be reckoned with. They’re doing this by focusing more and more every practice and making each and every one count.

“Everybody is focused and ready to put in work everyday. We’re hungry for a great season and this year’s team wants to prove that Dutch Fork is more than just a mediocre midlands team. We are prepared to do what we can to go as far as possible. That level of focus hasn’t been seen before in the program,” Andrew said.

This focus is what is going to get the team to state, which is their main goal every year, but especially this year.  It’s different because of all of the strong players that add different elements to the team

“This year’s team is different from the past years because we’ve all had JV experience and we all share the same goal and it’s state. Our school pride is unmatched. When we go down in a game we don’t roll over and give up like the past years. Everyone digs deep and finds that extra gear and pushes on,” Alex said.

With stronger players and a more focused team, everyone has their eyes on the prize.  This determination is what will get them farther and have a better end result than in years past.

“The reason this year’s team is better than past year’s teams is because this year the team is solid in every aspect. Our goalie, Matthew Poston, is fantastic and he stops almost everything that comes at him. We have two lines of strong defenders and multiple lines of midfielders that can make plays happen.  We also have two lines of attackmen that can make plays as well. There isn’t much of a link wink on our team, which makes it hard for other teams to beat us,” freshman Drew Dewer attack man said.


Photo By Maddie Mason