The girls in dresses, the stage, the boys in tuxedos: prom season is here.  Students cheer on their peers who model on stage as they get excited for prom.

The girls in dresses, the stage, the boys in tuxedos: prom season is here.  Students cheer on their peers who model on stage as they get excited for prom.

“We have prom blast so we can advertise prom, and give people the wake up call that prom is [coming] soon,” sophomore Stephen Wise said.

While some students may focus on prom months before it’s close, there are those that forget about it. Guys may have forgot about renting their tuxedos and for girls buying their dresses.

“[We have prom blast] To help them realize how close prom is, and for them to realize what things they need to purchase,” junior board sponsor Phyllis Richmond said. “The tuxedos need to be rented in time for the boys, and for the girls they need to purchase their dresses.”

Some models aren’t new to the stage or standing in front of their friends modeling a suit or dress. Models that enjoyed it last year decided to do it again.

“I signed [up]because I wanted to model again since I did it last year and I really enjoyed it,” Stephen said.

While others were new to the stage and the attention and may have been nervous about getting on stage and walking around the commons in sample prom dresses.

“When it got closer and closer to prom blast I was getting nervous about walking out there but once I stepped on the stage and heard my friends supporting me I was comfortable,” junior Michelle Alvarez.

The junior board works hard to get tuxes and dresses donated from stores. This makes it so that the models can promote the store by wearing their dresses and not have to wear past dresses or their prom dress for this year to model in prom blast.

“Some of the students get their own dresses sponsored, and then we have some sponsors looking for businesses that give us dresses to wear,” Richmond said.

During prom blast, vendors come and try to convince students to buy or rent their dresses or suits which helps the students by them not having to go search the city or online for these vendors but the vendors also get a lot more business then they may have originally was.

“I truly believe in networking within the community, and it helps the community and also helps me in the same sense because I get the exposure,” Persona Custom Clothing Representative Stan Moss said. “People will be able to see the things that I’m doing and word to mouth is better than anything.”

Participants and vendors can agree that prom blast was an appropriate way to kick off prom season and bring the student body together.

“It’s been such a good experience and it’s nice to see your school community come support one another,” Moss said.

To be a prom blast participate, the requirements are simple. Richmond encourages all students to join the event for the years ahead.

“Students can come to my room and get a permission slip. I promote it on the daily announcements and the scrolling announcements,” Richmond said.
Prom blast may inspire others to participate in prom if they haven’t before or haven’t been eligible to in past years.

“I think it definitely does [build participation] because it makes [students] want to get fancy and go have fun with their friends,” junior Taylor Wiggins said. “It’s a one time experience that they may never get again.”


Photo by Maddie Mason