District Five Dance Day, which took place March 17, gave dancers from all around District Five the opportunity to meet fellow dancers and learn from each other.

District Five Dance Day, which took place March 17, gave dancers from all around District Five the opportunity to meet fellow dancers and learn from each other.

“Dancers from every school in the district get to come together to do what we love,” freshman Dazzler Emily Dale said. “Meeting new people and learning from each other to get better is such a positive, amazing experience.”

Being the only district to have a district-wide dance day, dancers get insight into styles of dance not taught by most teachers.

“This opportunity means so much to me because it really helped me have more knowledge about different styles and different aspects of the beautiful art of dance,” Dance 3 senior Kennedy Polk said.

The instructors at District Five Dance Day help dancers discover ways to express themselves.

“I loved it because it allowed me to come out of my shell and learn new styles,” sophomore Dazzler Wendy Knight said.

Dancers enjoy this because it broadens their knowledge of dance and movement.

“ I have gotten to learn choreography from so many amazing professionals and have been introduced to new movements and styles,” Emily said.

For students that have attended the event over the years, it seems as though the program is growing and flourishing.

“I had a great time a District 5 Dance Day and i feel like it gets better every year,” said Junior Dazzler Anyah Barber.

Students involved in District Five Dance Day also get to experience styles of dance not widely taught at their schools.

“ Normally I’m a hip hop dancer, but this has allowed me to explore African jazz and modern,” Wendy said.

This was also a chance for students to serve their community.

“I think it gives them the opportunity to conduct some community service by performing at a benefit concert that will donate to harvest hope food bank,” said Haynes.

For dancers, this is a chance for them to really delve into their passion and potentially grow as performers.

“I dance because it’s a passion of mine and has been since I was a little girl and because can easily express myself through dance,” Kennedy said.

This program offers unique opportunities for the students of district five.

“I think it gives many opportunities. I think it gives a chance to take from other local master teachers that we have here in our community. I think it gives an opportunity to meet other people from other schools in our district. I think it gives them the opportunity to take maybe different styles that their teacher doesn’t teach them at school,” said Dance teacher and coach Ginny Haynes.

Activities such as District Five Dance Day allow dancers from all over District Five to express themselves.

“ When I perform I feel weightless and capable of anything. Dancing helps me express myself and to find meaning in everything I do.” Emily said.

For Haynes, this was an experience she wanted her students to take something away from.

“I hope that they walk away having that opportunity to have taken other styles, have actually experienced other guest teachers, master teachers in our community,” Haynes said, “that they have seen that there are so many others around them that have the dance training or don’t have the dance training, that their all in this boat together.”

Story by Zakiya Austin, Maddie Mason and Sarah Emily Rish

Photo by Robert Sawyer