Spirit week is always a great way to get students to participate in showing off their school spirit.

Spirit week is always a great way to get students to participate in showing off their school spirit. Seeing other kids walking down the hallway decked out in all their spirit gear pump up kids schools and their school spirit.

However, the couple kids you see dressed up as characters from their favorite shows or their favorite celebrity are probably the only kids dressed up that day. Students just aren’t as excited about dressing up in essentially a Halloween costume as little kids are.

One downside of spirit week is almost no one wants to participate. It’s hard to try and find just one student that’s in a decent costume that they didn’t throw together that morning. There are more important things for students to be worrying about, like tests and homework.

Someone could say that there’s a spirit week this week and it would be almost impossible to tell with the lack of spirit in the students. A part of this lack of spirit is the lack of ability to dress how students really want to.

Yes, dress code is important. It keeps students from dressing in “inappropriate” clothing like tank tops and shorts, but how is someone supposed to dress up for a Beach Day in spirit week when they aren’t allowed to wear a tank top?

Students that do find a way around the dress code and still are able to make crazy costumes can be distracting to other students in the learning environment. However, someone dressed up in a pretty sweet costume might be way more interesting to look at than your math teacher.

Spirit week does still bring about some spirit in students, though. Seeing different costumes while walking in the hallway brings some color and happiness into the school that isn’t normally there, but it’s still not enough to make it an exciting event.

What can be done to make more students want to participate? The answer should be to give the students more time to prepare. The themes for this spirit week were decided a week before, giving the students little time to prepare. The few scattered posters around the school and the blaring announcement at the beginning of second block were not enough to spread the word.

Also, there should be motivation behind it. The student council had a great idea in translating points to the Class Cup, but is there any tangible award in winning this new idea? Students have entered their “we are just ready for Spring Break” mode, and without a reward, there is nothing to be spirited about.

As the year is approaching it’s end, senioritis is kicking in, and students are loaded with work as teachers try to cram in their unneeded lessons for exams. There’s a lot more for students and teachers to be worried about, and an impromptu spirit week doesn’t seem to be the distraction.

Story by Haley Dixon

Photo by Trey Martin

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