Peer pressure is very common in a typical high school, and can cause some students to break and start using alcohol and drugs.

Being a high school student and wanting to fit in can bring a lot of pressure to students, and may negatively affect their actions. Peer pressure is very common in a typical high school, and can cause some students to break and start using alcohol and drugs. Pastor Chandler Bailey experienced this during his high school career, but later used his experiences in his profession to preach to students and try to help lead them down the right path.

“At first I didn’t believe that I was the right person to teach these children about God, but once I really thought about it and prayed, I realized that I could teach them and help them learn from my mistakes,” pastor and Dutch Fork Alumnus Chandler Bailey said.

Members of Right Direction Church International are grateful for someone who wants to help them and have a positive impact on their life.

“Pastor Chandler’s testimony helped me to trust his word better. I can take advice better from someone who has been through stuff similar to what I’ve been through, so when he speaks on stuff we go through and offers help, it makes me feel better,” Dutch Fork Alumna Deja Warnock said.

Bailey, being a Dutch Fork Alumnus himself, believes that he is taking on the same roll as someone at Dutch Fork who helped him years ago during his tribulations while in high school.

“Mr. Pollock was the main influence for me. He pushed me and got on me to make sure I did what I needed to do,” Bailey said.

Having a wise adult to look up to and have mentor you is a privilege that should not be taken advantage of since not everyone is that fortunate.

“I pushed Chandler because I saw the potential in him. I saw him succeeding in life, not wasting it with drugs and alcohol,” assistant principal Jason Pollock said. “He was a smart kid and came from a great family, so I knew he was going to go far in life once he got past the drugs and alcohol.”

Because Bailey stays humble and true to himself and those he preaches to, it causes him to be meritorious and greatly appreciated for his wise words and gracious acts of kindness.

“I definitely have a close connection to him. He’s like the older brother I never had. Me and him have similar testimonies, as far as our walk with God, and that also contributes to me being able to be close to him,” Dutch Fork Alumnus Chris Davis said.

Bailey remains close with the members of his youth group he mentors to because he enjoys continually preaching to them and aiding them in any trials they may encounter, whether it be with drugs and alcohol or not.

“Having a close connection to my students isn’t hard at all. I try to check on them often just to make sure all is well in their life and figure out what they need help with,” Bailey said. “If it’s in my power, then I would do anything for the teens I preach to.”

Story by Lindsay Long, Maddie Mason, Chyna Wallace

Photo by Chyna Wallace

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