Last month, it was announced that South Carolina high schools will be switching to a 10-point grading scale next year, instead of the seven-point scale that was used previously.

While this is a new development, it has caused mass controversy among students and faculty.

Mixed opinions are presented as to whether or not the new grading scale is beneficial for South Carolina high schools.

Benefits of this grading scale include higher GPAs for students bordering on letter grades. For example, a 92 would be a B, but with the new scale it is now an A.

For the seniors that are graduating, however, they will not get to experience any benefits of this during their high school careers.

Also, teachers have also been massively confused as to how much GPA points will be per number grade now and if this new scale will change the way a high school GPA is calculated.

Another negative of this grading scale, students may lose their work ethic, thus not producing grades as high as they may have been before. This may not promote students studying and striving for great grades.

If a student has a 90 right now, they strive to get that to an A (93-above), but this will not be a relevant issue once the new grading scale arrives next year.

Schools should strive for excellence in their students, which entails going above and beyond for the best possible grades.

Hopefully this new grading scale does that and makes students want to aim for A’s, like before.

A solution to this loss of possible motivation could be a constant reiteration of the importance of studying, working and completing assignments on time.

New, 10-point grading scales could be a good thing for South Carolina high schools, but it has to be carried out properly. If not, then students will slack off and only strive for the bare minimum.

Even if a 90 will be an A with the scale, students should still attempt to achieve higher than just a 90 in their classes.

Promotions of healthy a healthy work ethic and study habits will positively affect students with the addition of this grading scale.

The new grading scale will bring several changes to South Carolina high schools that, if handled correctly, will be easy to handle.

While it may be a new change for South Carolina, the 10-point grading scale will be successful as long as teachers continue to reiterate to students the importance of schoolwork.

Story by Zakiya Austin, Malik Brazile and Sarah Emily Rish

Photo by Sarah Emily Rish

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