As seniors are well aware, graduation is approaching rapidly and the time to pick up graduation supplies, which were ordered months ago, has come.

As seniors are well aware, graduation is approaching rapidly and the time to pick up graduation supplies, which were ordered months ago, has come.

“We come to the school in the fall and we make a presentation, and whoever is doing presentation is going to walk you through how fill out the form and then you turn in one and take the other home to show your parents. Then when we come back you can place your order. This year you needed a sixty dollar deposit – I’m assuming it will be the same next year – to place your order. Once it’s placed, you can go online to make payments or you can mail in payments, then in spring you can come and pick it up,” Jostens Representative Alisa Wolfram said.

Seniors are required to purchase a case for to hold their diploma as well as a cap and gown for graduation but there are other add ons such as invitations, sweatshirts, and other swag items. In order to avoid price surges, students should make their decision early.

“The biggest advice that I would give senior is to take your forms home and show them to your parents and let them know what you’re ordering. That is by far the biggest thing that I would say. The other thing is to make sure that you order, because if you don’t order when we’re hear in the fall, after December, the prices go up. So those are the two biggest things you should do: that you order and that you have gone over it with your parents what you want to order,” Wolfram said.

The cost of graduation supplies can begin to add up and sometimes students feel overwhelmed by the process.

“I didn’t realize how many things I would need for graduation. I don’t think I ordered everything right the first time because I had to come back. You definitely don’t realize until senior year how important everything is and what’s involved,” senior Jada Martin said.

Students may not initially realize just how much effort goes into ensuring their walk across the stage goes smoothly.

“My job is to communicate with the district office, I communicate with the Colonial Life Arena about what needs to be done, I work with guidance to make sure graduating seniors do graduate and I work with the printer to make sure all information is recorded. I do just about anything associated with organizing graduation,” senior English teacher Allison Norwood said.

It’s important for students to take a moment and realize how much effort and time goes into preparing for the ceremony and ensuring all students do make it across the stage.

“I’m proud of myself for making it this far and getting into the college I’ve always wanted to go to. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten this far if it weren’t for all the great teachers at this school and I’m so thankful,” Jada said.

However when the graduation ceremony does come together, it’s a reminder of all the hard work students have put in not only this year, but their 12 years in school prior.

“Since the day you stepped foot in kindergarten,” Norwood said. “This is the light at the end of the tunnel, this is what you’ve been working for since the beginning of your education.

Story by Abby Beauregard, Trey Rice, and Haley Dixon