gc vs ed

Story by Lindsay Long and Justice Nawman

With the 2016-2017 school year beginning, a number of changes are taking place. No more advisory, the removal of SSR and the transition from Edmodo to Google Classroom.

Google Classroom is a way for teachers to distribute assignments and communicate with students. The application works with other, uses less time and paper and is easy to set up.

There are two main reasons as to why Google Classroom is more beneficial than Edmodo to both students and teachers. The first reason is consistency for students and teachers. The school wanted everyone on one platform to learn how to navigate the new system together.  Secondly, it ties to student’s and teacher’s Google accounts and Google Drives, unlike Edmodo.

The main disadvantage of Edmodo is that it doesn’t allow students to directly upload their work. It is a multi-step process that typically seems to fail, and has difficulties contacting teachers since the app is not directly connected with Google accounts.

In Google Classroom it is easy to check on how many students have submitted an assignment or if they’re still working on it. Google Classroom is more beneficial than Edmodo because when an assignment is completed, the student can just select “Mark as Done” whereas in Edmodo the student has to go through the long process to submit their assignments.

In the beginning of a new school year, students tend to start with a more organized plate. Google Classroom allows teachers to upload calendars of what is due and what assignments are coming up, which will help students continue to stay organized, rather than just being organized the first couple days of school.

Teenagers like to learn in a way they enjoy rather than doing the basic bookwork that teachers assign. Google Classroom is the perfect tool for a teacher to flip a class or lesson which enables students to take ownership of their learning and personalize the way they do it. Presentations, videos, and other assignments can be given to students outside of class so students will be able to access and review it.

Edmodo’s limited functions can’t compare to the many beneficial components of Google Classroom and though the change will take some getting used to, it is the correct choice to enhance student learning in the long run.

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