31xp-clown-master768Story by Chyna Wallace, Sam Aaron, and Hannah Wright, photo from New York Times


On the edge of the woods in South Carolina and North Carolina, there have been reports of creepy clowns trying to lure children into the cover of the trees.

“I would lay marshmallows in a trail and at the end of the trail I would be juggling then I would grab the kids,” senior Braxton Carr said.

Prowling through woods and neighborhoods is one way that a child can be abducted, but it can also be done the modern way.

“Try to lure them in through social media,” junior Elijah Ngugi said.

Some may wonder why would these people dress up like clowns. Why not something else?

“I’d dress up as John Cena because who doesn’t like John Cena, he’s a great guy.  Or I’d dress up as Barney or Santa.” junior Cameron Goines said.

No matter what the news says, it may not seem real to some.

“This tale sounds like a mishmash of newspaper clippings and pages ripped from Stephen King novels, but these are actually details taken from a report filed by the sheriff’s office in Greenville County, S.C., last week, after several residents at an apartment complex there said that people in clown makeup had been terrorizing both children and adults,” The New York Times said.  

With the rumors of clowns circling around, police officers and doctors are wondering what could drive a person to do this.

“Some might think it’s fun to do outrageous things, others may feel it’s necessary and that it’s their purpose. Why? I don’t know.  I’ve never spoken to a criminal before,” Braxton said.

The question also arises did the criminals get this idea from the internet or television?

“Might think kids love clowns because of the colors and how they’re advertised on TV,” Cameron said.

When children think of clowns, they think of clowns from the fair or the carnival, but because of that mindset young children easier persuaded into following these clowns.

“They’re at such a young age that they think everyone is good and they think clowns are happy and fun,” senior Brandon Raysor said.

Until these clowns are caught, the reason why they chose to dress up as clowns will remain a mystery to everyone.

“Most of the time kids don’t think about the bad side of a situation just the good side,” Dutch Fork Alumnus Justin Williams said. “So they see clowns on TV all the time and they think, ‘Hey, that looks fun,’ so in real life they don’t see a stranger they just see a fun looking clown.”

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