Story by Justice Nawman and Lindsay Long

What if everything you thought you knew disappeared forever? What if your whole life was changed in an instant? In Jojo Moyes’ young-adult romance novel, Me Before You, the questions that arise soon become a reality for the main protagonist, Will Traynor. Once a successful businessman, Will is severely injured in a traffic accident, confining him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life and limiting mobility of his arms and legs.

With people having to assist him in everything he does in his daily life, Will comes to the conclusion that his life is meaningless and wants to end it, much to his parents’ dismay. With no hope and no sense of purpose, Will plans to go to Dignitas, a medical center in Switzerland and commit suicide, until Louisa Clark comes along. After losing her job at a well-known bakery, Louisa is desperate to find work anywhere she can. After what seems like forever, Louisa is  appointed by the Traynors as Will’s primary caretaker. Initially dismissive of Louisa’s lighthearted and spunky nature, Will eventually turns his mood around and the two fall in love.

Me Before You remains pretty true to the novel, but there are still some differences between the film adaptation and the story. One major difference is the film’s choice to leave out Louisa being sexually assaulted in a maze she once played in as a child. While this was a minor subplot, it still would have helped to add this scene for Louisa’s character development and added an essential backstory.

Another change to the film is the absence of Will’s overprotective, but well-meaning sister, Georgina Traynor. Many may question how a minor character is essential to the overall plot, but it would have helped to add a little more perspective to an already fragile situation and a juxtaposition to Will’s personality.

One final plot change from the book to the film is Will’s father, Stephen Traynor’s affair. While this was probably not essential to the overall plot, it still adds some backstory to the parent’s lives for character development.

Even though there were mostly minor things left out of the film adaptation, they were probably omitted for a reason. Sure, when people see their favorite film being brought to the big screen, they want to see it being done justice and Me Before You, filled with a great cast and stellar acting, could not have been a better adaptation and the life that was brought to this novel by the film is truly magical.

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