screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-12-59-05-pmStory by Trey Martin and Warner Otto, photo by Caleb Hanna


As students head through the halls on their way to the year’s first pep rally, a pleasant vibe fills the air. The costumes, sweaters, and thrifty clothes worn by the student body throughout the week built up an eagerness that reached its pinnacle with the school-wide gathering, getting students excited for the football team’s first region home game against Westwood.

““I like seeing the dazzlers perform because they are an amazing group of dance and I love performing arts,” junior Katherine Baxley said.

The student council is in charge of planning games, activities, and speeches for the Pep Rally. According to junior student council member Anna Dunbar, the process requires a lot of prior thought and consideration from activity directors.

“They basically have to write a script detailing the entirety of the pep rallies, with time limits to make sure we don’t run too late,” Anna said.

The pep rally mainly focused around the upcoming football game against Westwood High School. The student body coming together in support of the team motivates the players to perform at a high level.

“It feels great. It gives me a sense of pride in my school and fellow students,” senior football player Liam Reid said.

Not only was the football team recognized, there were also performances from the band, cheerleaders, and the Dazzlers. Since these groups often don’t have the opportunity to showcase their work in front of the student body, they cherished the moment.

“It feels really good considering we are constantly working hard, and being able to perform in front of the school really pays off and it makes it all worth it,” senior Dazzler Rachel Crockett said.

Members of the student body offered their opinions on how pep rallies can be improved for the future.

“They should do like door prizes and hand out free prizes like at the football games,” Katherine said.

Students can look forward to more pep rallies this school year, looking to bring as much excitement to the school as possible.

“The next one will probably be for the Irmo game,” Anna said. “The one after that just depends on other factors like whether or not football makes it to the state championship.”

Pep Rallies offer a unique and exciting break from the constant work of the school week, creating lasting memories for the student body.

“…those memories of coming together as a student body outside of the academic environment is what people will remember most and take away from their high school experience, and supporting school sports is one way to get involved, not everyone has to an athlete to get those special memories out of their time at Dutch Fork,” Anna said.

The main point of a pep rally is to bring attention and excitement to extracurricular activities around the school. Students agreed that participating in these activities has enriched their high school experience.

“Joining Dazzlers has changed my whole high school experience and made it that much better,” Rachel said. “Being on a team and being involved with others during high school gains you a family inside and out of the classroom.”

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