img_9652Story by Chyna Wallace, Sam Aaron, Hannah Wright, photo by Sam Aaron


140 characters is usually the known limit on Twitter, but that limit included @ names, and hashtags etc, but soon that will all change.On September 14, Twitter will stop counting things like hashtags in their character limit which could have a great impact on tweets.

“These changes will allow for longer tweets that could possibly start a new trend in more self expression through writing,” junior Kelsey Miller said.

With the character limit, some are usually confined to say what they want in the 140 limit, but with this change the reins are loosened a little bit.

“It’ll make reading tweets longer and now people can say whatever without feeling restricted by the number of characters,” junior Kiya Ross said.

Some may feel that this change will help them express themselves more on Twitter.

“It will make me be able to say more in my tweets,” sophomore Madalynn Pelham said.

Some don’t feel the need for this change because they don’t usually need all 140 characters.

“It won’t really change the way I tweet because I’ve never had a problem with the limit of words you can type,” sophomore Maya Jordan said.

Since Twitter has come about, users are familiar with the 140 character limit, but with this change some might think this is not the best idea.

“I think having to be concise was a something that set twitter apart from other social media so changing one of the core foundations of it will deteriorate it,” Kelsey said.

While the opinions of some are still out the window, people are also wondering what was the reason Twitter decided to make this change.

“The change was probably made to give people more space to write whatever they want to because maybe people complained about not being able to say very much in a tweet,” Madalynn said.

This change could be one of many changes that Twitter has planned, and maybe it will listen to its users suggestions.

“They should make an editing button,” Kiya said. “So when you mess up your tweet you can just go fix it instead of deleting the tweet and starting over.”

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