img_9433Story by Warner Otto and Trey Martin, photo by Trey Martin

As the 2016-2017 school year progresses, school spirit grows with it. The Dutch Fork Pep Club has done an excellent job keeping students interested.

“I feel like Pep is a fun way to show school spirit without playing a school sport. I’m on Pep club and love how we all come to show our school spirit,” junior Paige Harris said.

The pep club helps with all the events that keep the school spirit high and hype up the students. They also plan our spirit weeks and pep rallies.

“I think pep club gets our school motivated,” junior Sage Slaght said.

With the previous  and upcoming football games, the pep club has been prepping for the games to make sure our school shows school spirit, getting the crowd excited for the games.

“Yes, I attended one [football game]. It was fun before the rain happened, but I had a great overall experience,” Paige said.

The pep club helps set the tone and theme that students can participate in for the football games. They encourage students  to show off their spirit at all of the games.

“I think Pep club does a good job, with the unique themes at the game and with spirit week,” junior Katherine Baxley said.

Pep club does a big part in helping encourage students to go to the football games and getting involved in spirit week.

I think they are okay, I’m not a huge fan of football but it’s good to support your team,” Katherine said.

Not only does the pep club help amp up the school spirit, but they can also help students make new friends and find new and more fun ways to show school spirit.

“Have more meetings so you can get to know everyone a bit better, make it a whole,” Paige said.

Pep club helps out with many different events and although not everyone can go to every event, everyone seems to want to go. Some people have other priorities like work and school, which is why some are not able to attend football games.

“I can’t go to the games because I had to work at the time it started,” Sage said.

Some students show  interest in going, but just haven’t gotten a chance since it still the beginning of the year. Some people aren’t big football fans, but like to support the team in other ways.

“I don’t go because I’m not a huge football fan.” Katherine said.

While most students may not be able to come to the game, most love showing their school spirit in other ways. During the pep rallies and spirit week are other ways students show their spirit during school hours.

“I think Pep club does a good job,” Paige said. “[They do a good job with] the unique themes at the game and with spirit week.”


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