Story and picture by Chyna Wallace

Pictures on the wall. Trophies on the shelves. A home away from home.

Andy, a man that moved to the U.S. from Lebanon, has had Andy’s Deli since August of 1978, and it has been family-owned.

When customers enter the restaurant, Andy is almost always there in the front to welcome you with a “Hello, my dear,” or a “Hello, my friend.” When placing an order, Andy would most likely recommend his famous “Andy’s Special” that comes with his special sauce. The sauce was a mayonnaise like texture, but there was definitely some hidden spices thrown in.  No one except Andy and his two sons know the recipe.

Families have been eating at Andy’s for generations. Overall, the place feels like a home away from home. There’s always the feeling that he cares about you and that you’re apart of his family.  

Andy has created names for all of his sandwiches like Ruben, Sub, & Hoagie. But he also has names he has created himself, like Double Treat, Astronaut, Rocket and R2D2.

No matter what sandwich you get, none is like the other. The Rocket is layers of roast beef, ham and melted swiss cheese served on a hot sub roll with the special sauce to dip it in or put on the sandwich, while a sandwich like the Mediterranean includes Lebanon bologna, Salami, and pastrami while having melted Muenster cheese in between.

Regardless of the name of the sandwich, the taste is what matters most. Andy lets his cultural background influence the sandwiches he makes. While eating exotic cuisine may scare you, once you taste it, you’ll be glad you tried it.

In the restaurant, Andy has pictures of his family and people he’s come across over the  years. Different size trophies from local teams line the shelves of the restaurant that Andy has supported in his free time.  

Watching Andy make the different sandwiches and interact with the customers makes this deli something special. All and all Andy’s deli is definitely worth a visit.

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