Story by Zakiya Austin and Chyna Wallace


The 2016 Presidential Election has definitely been an interesting one, as major party candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have given Americans a run for their money.

Hillary Clinton ran as the democratic candidate for the presidency. She also ran in the 2008 democratic primary, but was beat out by President Barack Obama.

She ran on the base of immigration and tax reform, gun control and relief for the middle class and the poor. According to her campaign website,, these things are going to make America safer and more accessible for everyone.

She had a majority of the women’s and also acquired the youth vote and the vote of minorities after Senator Bernie Sanders failed to pull through in the primaries.

As the 67th Secretary of State and being married to former President Bill Clinton (1993-2001), had a lot of experience dealing with the presidency.

Donald J. Trump ran as the republican candidate for the presidency. Supporters of his campaign admired his aversion to political correctness and the fresh lens he brought to the political scene.

In countless speeches, he reiterated his base of stricter immigration policies, dealing with nuclear threats, and defense of the second amendment right to bear arms.

Jill Stein also ran for the Green Party and Gary Johnson ran for the Libertarian Party, but the major power struggle was between the two main parties.

Many Americans had trouble at the polls because of the controversy going on with the Democratic and Republican candidates.

Hillary Clinton was brought down by an email scandal from her time as Secretary of State. With her hiding this from the government and the American people, there’s questions about what else she could be lying about.

Questions have also risen about her health (there was a conspiracy online for a time that she’s always propped up on pillows because she is not well). Because of her age, her ability to keep up with the presidency has also posed an obstacle.

Donald Trump was under fire for some crude comments made about women and minorities. Trump was also noted as a key skeptic of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate and therefore his eligibility to be president.

Calling African Americans “thugs” and Latinos and Hispanics “rapists,” put a dent in his support from those groups. He’s also made several derogatory statements about women and is now under investigation for sexual assault claims.

These very public scandals have led the public to vote for what some think of as the “lesser of two evils.”

When the election results came back, a lot of people were in awe. Since the majority of Americans were strongly attached to a candidate or not attached at all.

As of the morning of November 9, Hillary Clinton was narrowly ahead in the popular vote, but Donald Trump won the electoral.

It seems as though Americans are no longer taking this election seriously. There have been claims of citizens casting their votes for Harambe, the gorilla killed when a child entered his Cincinnati zoo enclosure.

When candidates like Trump and Clinton are the only two viable options for the representation of our country, and there is talk of people not even wanting to vote, not only is there an upset in the democratic process, but it also misrepresents the will of the American people.

As it’s going right now, it looks as if Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States.

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