Story by Lindsay Long, Warner Otto, and Max Franks


It’s the 21st century, and all Americans have at least one technological device in their home, or on them at all times. The average person checks their phone 46 times a day, and high school students exceed that amount. There are many apps and websites that attract the attention of people, including social media and instant messaging.

“I like playing games, watching YouTube videos, and still texting my friends while I’m at home,” senior Kaitlyn Dowd-Howell said.

Most people would say that teenagers spend the most time on their phones out of anyone, and that’s because that’s how they grew up.

“I think that they spend so much time because they have to be entertained 24/7 and that they think their whole life is on their phone,” junior Katherine Baxley said.

Since teenagers feel the need to spend so much time on their phones, it has had a negative aspect on teachers and classrooms.

“They’re too distracting because students are more concerned about checking their phones, their texts and social media,” Learning Strategies teacher Jean White said.

Although there are a lot of negative aspects about having access to technology 24/7, cell phones and other devices can be helpful at times.

“It helps me keep track of time, it helps me communicate better with my parents, keeps me up to date with stuff around the world,” junior Turner Monts said.

When students spend so much time on their phones it distract them from learning. Which can affect grades and students learning environment.

“[I feel like phones are the biggest problems in schools], because they’re so distracting because students are to focused on texting their friends and listening to music instead of focusing on school,” White said.

While most people think having phones during school is a benefit, most feel like the phones are disadvantages during school hours.

“I think the distraction of a phone does keep the students from learning,” White said.

While most students can’t help but be distracted by their phones, there are some students who can put the phone down long enough to get their work done without being distracted.

“[I do spend a lot of time on my phone], but it depends on if I have homework or if I’m just relaxing,” Katherine said.

There are also students who can’t live without their phones for a certain period time. While other students shut off their phones and be without it for a certain period of time.

I feel okay [living without my phone], I mean I can live without it but it’s good to have sometimes,” Katherine said.

While the phones may be a disadvantage in school, out of school phones can be very helpful. They can help people with many important things in life.

“It keeps me in touch with my close friends and family members. It a good utility to have,” Turner said.

Students may obsess over their phones because there is something that they can’t let go of or their just something about whatever they’re obsessed with that they can’t get enough of.

“Sometimes [I am obsessed with my phone], because there are these two games that I play. Episode and Choice, they keep you in suspense and they have short episodes,” Kaitlyn said.

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