img_0096Story by, Destiny White, Trey Martin, and Justice Nawman


As juniors begin to prepare for the arrival of senior year and the years that come behind it, guidance counselors call them to the office one by one to plan for the future.

“We open up a discussion again that we will have repeatedly about careers, and plans for after graduation and we also talk about whether they are interested in going into the military or two or four year college so that we can kind of guide students on their path,” guidance counselor Ruth Glowacki said.

According to senior Jonathan Kaufmann students should be prepared before they go into the meeting and to be excited about it.

“Juniors should prepare for their IGP meetings by thinking of a couple questions about college. They should go into it excited about the future without worries,” Jonathan said.

With IGP meetings rapidly approaching, knowledge of  life plans and the preparation of questions beforehand could be beneficial to students when the day of their meeting comes.

“I suppose you need to have prepared an idea of what you want to do in school and in life so you take which classes you need and not waste time with classes you don’t,” junior Joakim Kennedy said.

IGP meetings help students  figure out what courses they need to take for the following year, and how those courses will benefit them. The meetings also introduce the idea of college and college courses to the student.

“They give insight on what I need to do, to benefit my college years,” junior Morgan Alexander said.

Certain expectations for the IGP meetings would help students be prepared for what they need to know about their classes and future careers.

“I guess I expect it to help me determine what classes I need to take in order to graduate, explore my interests and prepare for my career,” Joakim said.
As juniors try and push through one more year of planning ahead of time and getting ready for graduation, there is one life lesson they should apply to themselves.

“One piece of advice I would give is to not procrastinate. It’s easy to put homework off, but it is a lot more stressful to work on it at 2AM,” Jonathan said.

While juniors continue to get ready for graduation next year, staying on track should be one of the many things they do in order to finish out their junior year.

“To stay on track during junior year I made sure to do what needed to be done. I didn’t let myself get behind because it would have made things much worse,” Jonathan said.

This year is the most critical for juniors who plan on going on to college after high school.

“I suppose it would be [deciding] what would be the best college for me. I’m not worried about graduation,” Joakim said.

These meetings are important for students to attend and plan.

“They’re important because so much goes on at school that it’s just one thing after another and this pile of students and piles of students,” Glowacki said. “ and it’s a chance to have a conversation with an adult who is not academic.”

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