img_9923Story by Warner Otto, Lindsay Long, and Max Franks, photo by Lindsay Long

As the big rivalry football game against Irmo approached in the end of October, Dutch Fork students participated in the spirit week preceding the game. Spirit week is designed to get all of the students hyped up for the game and the pep rally that Friday morning.

“We have spirit week to show spirit for the upcoming game at the end of the week and have a good time with friends,” junior activities director Matthew Poston said.

Not only is spirit week designed to bring attention to the football game, but to the pep rally as well. The pep rally was held the Friday morning before the football game.

“We have spirit week so that we get excited for the football games and pep rallies at the end of the week,” senior vice president Haley Chiles said.

There are multiple fun spirit weeks throughout the school year, but a good amount of students aren’t getting involved. Student council and pep club members encourage students to dress up for spirit week.

“I wish we had more participation,” student council advisor Laurie Humphrey said. “We tried to elicit ideas from students, but some just simply don’t get involved. ”

Student council works hard to make the week enjoyable for all students. They all come up with different themes to make it as fun as possible for everyone.

“Student council works very hard to make sure that everyone understands what the spirit days are and that they easily have the clothes and costumes to wear for them at home,” Humphrey said.

Most students enjoy dressing up every day during spirit week to show the love for their school. There are some students who just aren’t as into spirit week as others.

“Most of the time the themes are hard, so it’s hard to participate,” freshman Jasmine Le said.

Students council wants to get the word out more to students about spirit week so that there will be more participation, but they simply just don’t know how.

“We would like to advertise spirit week more, and I don’t know how we can get the word out more than we already do,” Humphrey said.

Student council wants students to reach out to them for more spirit week ideas, and they encourage students to let them know of ideas that they feel would improve spirit week.

“We could have more people participate and better ideas for the spirit days, and get more ideas approved,” Matthew said.

There will be more spirit weeks as the school year continues, as they are important to the student body.

“We have spirit week to unite the school,” Humphrey said. “It’s a way for everyone in the school to be involved, and have a common experience at Dutch Fork High School.”

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