Story by Zakiya Austin


The aftermath of the 2016 presidential election had America in an ineffable state of disbelief as candidate Donald J. Trump was named President Elect of the United States.

Almost immediately after the results were announced, several ethnic, religious, and most notably the LGBTQ+ communities staged protests against the verdict.

Shouts of “not my president,” and, “the people united will never be defeated,” poured into the streets.

Outside of Trump Towers, the White House and in cities across the nation,  protests have flared up. Several celebrities have spoken out on the election, and a photo of singer Lady Gaga standing on top of a New York City Sanitation truck with a sign that read, “Love Trumps Hate” whet viral on Instagram.

A video of rapper T.I. in the midst of a protest in New York City has gone viral. In an interview with XXL magazine, he said, “I voted, and I’ve done everything I could prior to now, but after the decision of the election had happened, I just want to be able to look my kids in the eyes and let them know I did everything the constitution allows me to do to show my objection to this decision.”

Another viral video of Miley Cyrus in tears telling America and Donald Trump that even though she was not in favor of the results of the election, she accepted them and she accepted him as the future President of the United States.

Not all of America has been as accepting. In Portland, protests have become violent. A group of protesters attacked a Trump supporter, earning the title “rioters” and “anarchists.”

The protests are due mostly to the fact that Donald Trump has made many inflammatory  remarks about minorities, women, and his political cohorts.

Also, with Trump as President Elect, many are concerned about him taking office with his racist, homophobic and misogynistic tendencies. His foreign policy ideals pose a threat to immigrant families. And because of his insensitivity to Islamic families, many people fear for their safety.

Americans are worried about their futures and the threat that Donald Trump poses to them.

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