img_0883Story by Lindsay Long, Max Franks, Warner Otto, photo by Lindsay Long


As the first semester comes to a close, hard-working students are beyond ready and ecstatic for a well-deserved 2 week break from school. The holiday assembly with performances by chorus, orchestra, band, and the Dazzlers helps to conclude the first half of the year and excite students for a break.

“I feel like joyful, excited because we get a little break from exams,” sophomore Elizabeth McCants-Baker said.

The audience of students and teachers enjoy the assembly because they get to see what the performers have prepared for during the previous week. Their hard work is not unnoticed.

“I guess to hear the different music and see the performances,” freshman Trent Shull said.

The dazzlers worked extremely hard to prepare a couple of good dances to showcase to the teachers and student body.

“It shows the hard work the students have made, it showed other students what the arts work so hard for all semester, and it spreads lots of Christmas cheer,” dance teacher Ginny Haynes said.

There are multiple pros and cons to a holiday assembly, and they differ depending on the person and what they are interested in.

“The pros are that you can see many talented people showing their amazing talents with the school, and the cons are that we aren’t allowed to talk during it and the sound quality of the speakers,” senior Tahjaih Provo said.

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