Story by Warner Otto, Lindsay Long, and Max Franks


2016 is out the door, and most are excited about 2017’s new horizon. 2016 was a big year, with many ups and downs. Many students have big things planned for 2017.

“What I hope to accomplish this year is to become more responsible. I need to learn how to stay focused on what is most important, and not let things like social media or my social life distract me,” senior Danielle Johnson said.

The first big change for someone during the year is their new year’s resolution, and people usually have one to change for the better.

“…they are an excuse for us to make positive changes in our lives and I think you can do that at any time in your life, not just for the new year,”  sophomore Kaleigh Casterline said.

It is sometimes difficult coming up with a resolution, and it requires you to focus in on some of your worst qualities and try to fix them.

“I came up with my resolutions for the new year based on the circumstances that happened in my life this past year. For instance, I need to stop worrying about what other say about me,”  Danielle said.

It’s sometimes tough to stay on track with a resolution and apply to it, but it’s all the more rewarding when you accomplish your resolution.

“I don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions mostly because people forget about them in a week, but they are a good way to set goals for yourself and make your year better,” freshman Daniel German said.

A new year’s resolution can be very minor, or it can be very important to the person making it.

“What I hope for 2017 is to stay on track as far as education, be more open and outgoing, and to better my relationship with Jesus Christ. The reason why is because every year I make the same resolution, but don’t apply it as much as I want to,” Danielle said.

2017 is not all positives though, and some are sad to see 2016 go.

“I think I’m least excited for growing up and seeing everybody graduate and leave,” Kaleigh said.

2017 is holding lots of hopes for lots of people, and others are ready to see where it goes.

“I hope that 2017 is 2016  on steroids. 2016 was crazy but I hope 2017 is even better,” Daniel said. “I really hope Dutch Fork goes back to state again and I get to play.”

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