img_0864Story by Justice Nawman, Trey Martin, Destiny White

January 6 marked an exciting day for the people of South Carolina as snow fell in various areas around the Midlands. Many were initially skeptical of the forecast and predicted that the snow wouldn’t stick due to the state’s hot climate.

“I thought [it] would just flurry a little bit, [but] didn’t think it would stick much at all,” engineering design teacher Tom Brower said.

While it snows rarely in South Carolina, students anticipate the day when school can be cancelled because of the impending precipitation and the apprehension that builds up every day until then. These special days can be spent studying or as a day of relaxation.

“I like the phone call the night before a snow day because all day people are debating if there is going to be a snow day, then the reveal is always satisfying and we get an extra day to do homework or hang out with friends,” senior Ashlyn Donelson said.

However, even though a day off can be essential, it comes with a cost and students eventually have to make up those missed school days, causing them to have opposing viewpoints on whether or not they desire to have more or less snow days. Senior Morgan McCrary was divided on the topic and said, pertaining to school days, that even though she would like it to snow, making up time missed from school is the tough part about a day off.

“If it’s going to snow I want it to snow a lot, not just an inch or two; however, when it does snow a lot we are often out of school for a few days  meaning we would have to make them up later on,” Morgan said.

The initial reactions to the snow were mixed, and although the snow didn’t stick, with less than an inch accumulating in the Midlands, some residents took this as an opportunity to document the weather in any way they could as a memory to look back on later.

“I took a picture [when I first saw the snow] because I knew this snow was not going to stick, so might as well take a picture now,” junior Desiree Nelly said.

With the weather also comes nostalgia, and South Carolinians, young and old, reminisced about their childhood as they watched the ethereal snowflakes fall. Since snow is a rare occurrence in the state, the memories of the weather are cherished.

“I think the snow is really pretty. I enjoy watching it from the sky and then seeing everything be all white and covered with it,” Morgan said. “I enjoy playing outside with my friends in it and playing with my dog in the snow. Once I get too cold I like to go inside, drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies.”


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