Story by Chyna Wallace

Senior year includes multiple things like, but not limited to SAT and ACT scores, keeping your grades up, college applications and decisions. While some underclassmen see senior year as being the easiest there is, some seniors see it a different way. The main focus seems to be college applications and their decisions. Senior year is not as easy as some may think it is.

There are two very stressful moments when it comes to college applications and decisions: submitting the application and when you get the letter, from the college, with the admissions decision.

Before a senior even fills out an application, they have to work on a few things before they hit submit: their grades, their personal statement, the essay, and making sure they have their transcript. That’s a lot of work for one senior to take on, especially when they are trying to make sure everythings perfect so they get an acceptance letter.

Once everything is together the student has to fill out the application to the college of their choice, and once the application is finished, they come to the moment of pressing send. The dreaded moment when you don’t have control anymore, the moment where you wish you could go back to being a underclassmen, the moment where you wish you had a few more months to not think about this.

But of course, that moment could never happen because it’s college and college has deadlines that cannot be missed.

A few months pass, and it’s decision week: the week where you don’t know what day the letter will come. You don’t know what it will it say, if it come when you’re at home or when you’re at school. You become pretty restless that entire week.

“It’s here. It’s here. It’s here. It’s here,” is what one might say when they arrive home to see that the letter they have been waiting weeks on is finally here. The myth is that when you receive a big envelope it’s a “yes” and when you receive a small envelope it’s a “no,” but that’s not entirely true. Small envelopes can sometimes be an acceptance letter, the school may not have seen the need to send a huge envelope for a few papers.

The final moment is here, the moment where you open that envelope that you have been waiting months for, the moment where you see if you have been accepted into college, the moment that you will remember forever.

Being a senior has its ups and its downs, and stress, but seniors can say that going through four years of high school has been worth it. Everything we do has added stress, but it’s all worth it for the moments we look forward to. Graduation and college acceptance letters are only the beginning, but the more we look forward to the more stress is added to get there.

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