Story by Justice Nawman, Warner Otto and Lindsay Long


On January 20, millions of Americans got the opportunity to witness the long awaited presidential inauguration, which solidified businessman Donald Trump’s role as commander-in-chief and left many people wondering what this meant for society, but more importantly, for our nation. With the district policy in South Carolina schools stating that teachers are only allowed to show the program if it pertains to their coursework, many are divided on the topic. To senior Elizabeth Cline, the inauguration is a crucial part of America’s history and should be shown in schools.

“I believe it’s important to watch the inauguration during school because it’s a big moment in history,” Elizabeth said.

Aside from having conflicting opinions of the inauguration itself, students still struggle to come to terms with Donald Trump being our president and question the qualification Trump has to take on such a huge responsibility.

“I don’t really like [my teacher showing the inauguration because I feel like [Trump] is not qualified to be president,” junior Katherine Baxley said.

With history being a staple in the educational system, the benefit of watching the inauguration can not only broaden a student’s horizon on politics, but also help a student in understanding the complexity of the United States government.

Watching the inauguration would benefit students by teaching them how the US government works,” freshman Joseph Mazurek said.

Although the district has already implemented regulations on viewing the inauguration, few still do not agree with the fact that they should be forced to watch it. However, students are appreciative of the freedom and leniency given to them by the district in this policy and that the observation of this important moment in American history be viewed by them in their own time, if they so choose to.

“I think it feels good that we students [can] watch [the inauguration] and we can watch it on our own time. [However], I agree that students shouldn’t be forced to watch it,” sophomore Elizabeth McCants-Baker said.

There are many pros and cons to the importance of watching the inauguration, but the power of America and the unity that we possess is a gift that should be revered for years to come.

“I think it’s important to watch the inauguration during school because of the historical context of it and seeing all the past presidents there is cool, [but] it’s [also] cool to witness the democracy,” social studies teacher Lauren Desplinter said. “With this particular election being so divisive, I don’t think we should force people to watch it, but I still think it’s important.”

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