img_0455Story by Destiny White and Trey Martin, photo by Trey Martin

As Dutch Fork students enter 2017, many students prepare themselves for the upcoming spring sports season.

“This year’s conditioning has incorporated multiple drills to help us build endurance and better our footwork. It mostly entails lots of running and stationary drills,” junior lacrosse player Adam Wyatt said.

According to junior track runner Madison Welch, working hard in conditioning will help you prepare for the new season.

“I have been working on building up strength and speed while conditioning my body to be able to run and what I need to run and I also do ab workouts,” Madison said.

Personal training outside of conditioning for a sport is one of the many ways for students to grow athletically.

“I weightlift after school to get stronger and more conditioned,” senior soccer player Robert Gardiner said.

Eating healthy and going on a diet can also be a necessity for students to grow and to stay fit for the sport they are playing.

“Outside of conditioning, I improve myself by trying to eat healthy and manage my time well,” Adam said.

According to senior track runner Jasmine Drayton, the expectation for this years track season is to try to do better than last year.

“I just hope that everyone pushes themselves. Win or lose, as long as we try our best, I’m grateful,” Jasmine said.

Having high expectations and setting goals are important for students to have in order to have a successful season.

“[My goal for this year is] to do the best we can and win as many meets as we can,” Madison said.

Conditioning for a sport is one of the many ways to prepare to try out for a specific sport. Although students may not like conditioning, it is critical that students participate.

“There is nothing really fun about conditioning, and I don’t like doing it, but it is something that you have to do,” Robert said.

Though the intense training and rigorous workouts may be hard, conditioning still strengthens students for the sport they want to play.

“My favorite thing about conditioning is getting my body back in shape,” Jasmine said. “But my least favorite thing is the process of doing so.”

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