file_000-1Story by Warner Otto, Justice Nawman, and Lindsay Long, photo by Warner Otto


As strong winds and winter temperatures hit South Carolina students prepared for the storm to hit.

“My lacrosse practice had to be cancelled, and all weekend activities had to be cancelled,” sophomore Aiden McCabe said.

Students had to work around the severe weather because most of the school activities were cancelled. Students weren’t able to do many of the sports or after school activities.

“I waited after school and coach just told me to be careful,” junior Josh Coleman said.

The weather has not only affected South Carolina, but has also affected other states such as Georgia. People have lost their lives in Georgia and their homes too.

“I feel bad because all the people from Georgia lost family members and had their houses destroyed, so it kinda just makes you wanna help out.” Josh said.

There wasn’t just lives lost and homes destroyed, there has also been sickness going around too. Many have become ill with the sudden change in temperature.

“I think the climate change has caused health problems for many people,” senior Dayana Boston said.

With the severe weather there are some families who like to plan ahead for a storm, so that they can be ready for anything. Some families have safety plans so that they can stay safe.

“We have a sewer on the side of our house and it’s big enough for all of us to get into, so that’s our safety plan,” Josh said.

Students still going to school means that parents are trying to be more cautious in keeping their kids safe, trying to plan ahead for the weather so that their kids can get to school safely.

“You have to be overly cautious. As a public school we’re under the obligation to always air on the side of caution,” English teacher Sandy Hawkins said.

The deaths in Georgia have everyone preparing for the weather to come and staying conscious as they go on with everyday life.

“It did not affect me or anyone I know, but I know some people in Georgia passed away. I have cousins that live there but it did not affect them,” freshman Pari Patel said.

The weather channels on TV or on apps shows most people what the weather is going to look like and helps people prepare for the storms, so they know what to do.

“I don’t think [the weather channel could have prepared us more], the weather channels [already] do a good job of preparing us,” Hawkins said. “Some people accuse them of being melodramatic, but I trust what they say and I think they inform us well.”

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