Story by Chyna Wallace, photo from Ana Daichendt

The time finally came for Ana Daichendt to be given the certificate that says she was officially an American Citizen. For her to get to this satisfying moment, she had to go through a long process.

“Before the swearing in ceremony, we had to submit an application, get our fingerprints taken, be interviewed, and then the final step was the ceremony,” math teacher Ana Daichendt.

Being sworn as an American Citizen wasn’t the only memorable event to happen that day.

“The fact that my son was there to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance, it actually completed the family being a part of the process,” Daichendt said.

Daichendt could have been sworn in earlier but because of  9/11 and the reduced number of immigration offices, her first application in 2004 was lost. She reapplied in 2006 and finally received her green card in 201l.

“As we all know September 11, 2001 brought many changes and many changes especially to the immigration laws. We came in the states in 2000 and started the process for a green card in 2004,” Daichendt said. “But due to the changes done to the immigration laws, they reduced the number of immigration offices all over the US. We had to apply twice because the first application got lost.”

Balancing this process of getting her certificate and still teaching at Dutch Fork has been hard but her students understand that this is important to her.

“She tells us about what she went through while she was gone, and we all get that this is her future so we accept that she can’t always be here,” freshman Ty Olenchuck said.

Every time that Daichendt has left, she feels sad when she leaves for certain periods of time but she feels relieved to come back to students that are understanding.

“I hate leaving but when I come back to work I come back to such understanding students and co-workers,” Daichendt said.

When she returned from the ceremony, she returned to her entire classroom decked out in red white and blue streamers, posters, etc.

“Mrs. Daichendt is an amazing teacher, she tells awesome jokes. We all came together to welcome her back properly,” math teacher Ted Ford said.

Daichendt students feel grateful to have her as a teacher.

“She’s a great person and a great teacher. I just love her as a teacher,” Ty said.

Others think that she should have been sworn in earlier.

“I think she deserved to be sworn in as an official American Citizen a long time ago. It sucked that she had to wait so many years to be an official American Citizen,” Ty said.

All in all Daichendt seems to be loved by all her co-workers and students. Her students tell of her being a great teacher, and being very involved.

“She’s a really great person and she’s really involved especially at the school, she helps with the students,” freshman Abbi Martin said. “She’s just a really great person.”

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