Story by Lindsay Long, Justice Nawman, and Warner Otto


In early 2017, the movie A Dog’s Purpose was released in theatres around the world. During the filming process, a dog was forced to swim in water when he was not comfortable doing so. This caused lots of controversy about animal abuse and animal cruelty in America.

“I think people that do those kinds of things just don’t realize that dogs, though they’re considered ‘lesser’ than us because they’re not human, still have feelings and reactions to things that they do and don’t want to do,” senior Candis Sowell said. “If people were filming a human, making him or her do something that they don’t want to do, there would be no controversy, it would be outwardly wrong. So a dog being abused shouldn’t be overlooked or controversial if it isn’t right.”

Many American citizens, especially dog lovers, are distraught over this kind of mistreatment of a canine.

“That is very upsetting and disturbing towards anyone who loves dogs or just anyone in general. Having a dog drowned just for entertainment is truly disgusting,” sophomore Kyndal Robinson said.

There is another controversy over whether the dog used in the movie was trained to swim or not. The movie producers claimed that the dog was trained and was not forced to film. The movie shooting resumed once he was comfortable.

“I feel like they [movie producers] didn’t give the correct facts. They didn’t release that the dog was trained,” junior Sage Slaght said.

The movies premiere was cancelled because of the backlash and controversy surrounding it.

“If they canceled it before an investigation, I don’t think that’s right because we don’t know the full story. I only saw a small video clip,” learning strategies teacher Jean White said.

Although the animal abuse in the movie is frowned upon, some still want to go watch the movie to see what it is about.

“I would still go see the movie because it’s about animals and I love animals,” freshman Evan Otto said.


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