migosStory by Sam Aaron


The Migos are an Atlanta based trio of rappers who go by the names of Quavo (Quavious Marshall), Offset (Kiari Cephus) and Takeoff (Kirshnik Ball).  With a well known past in the rap game, their new album, Culture, was expected to be exciting and intergenic, and it did not disappoint.

The Migos blew up after releasing a single called “Versace.” Although this may not be their best work, it got people interested in them and created a rather large following.  

The Migos are extremely unique in their use of ad lib’s, because the group has more than one artist rapping, there is no reason to go back and add in ad lib’s. They simply have one of the members who is not rapping add in an ad lib and it creates an extremely fast paced, intriguing flow.  

Because the Migos are considered trap artists, the lyrics aren’t too special and go along with typical rap song themes. Although they have rather bland lyrics they create such an interesting way to express them,but with this unique sound comes the downside of tracks blending together and sounding  boring and repetitive.  Because this style of rap is so unique, the Migos have practically created a new style of music. Practically all artists in the current rap game have attempted to use this style..  

After the Migos dropped their hit single “Bad and Boujie,”many fans eagerly awaited Culture..  Being a fan of the single, I went into the album expecting to hear the typical Migos themes and tried  not to expect too much. I was hoping the album would havemore diverse tracks on it without the repetitive themes and sounds in it, and was pleasantlysurprised when I heard the album.

The thirteen song track list did not start off well with an annoying feature from DJ Khaled.  I’ve always felt that DJ Khaled never really brought much to the table, and in this case it was the same. He introduced the group and said some annoying things about how we’ve been “sleeping on the Migos” and then the song finally ended. I was hoping for an intro similar to the intro in “YRN 2” with some nice melodies and lyrics about putting Atlanta on the map.  

The album does a tremendous job adding a dark and almost grimy feeling to it. With songs like “T-Shirt,” “Get Right Witcha” and even “Brown Paper Bag” the album creates a very moody vibe. It all makes a listener focus more on the rapping and less on the beats with the simplistic rhythms.  The song “What The Price” is a big nod to Travis Scott, using his style of flows and way of recording, which personally I enjoyed. Travis Scott has borrowed many styles from the Migos in the earlier days and it’s interesting to see the Migos almost return the favor. Scott is also featured on the song “Kelly Price” which is personally my favorite song. It’s a heavily autotuned song with styles from Scott’s “Antidote” single.  It’s a very moody style of song which almost sounds sad, but is a work of art none the less.  

By far the most disappointing track off the album was the closing song “Out Yo Way” where the Migos try to do a almost pop style of song, which when combined with the auto tune is just a bad idea.  

The album has a much nicer more refined sound than their past albums. With features like Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert and Gucci Mane it seems to be hard to make an unsuccessful trap album.  I would have liked to hear more risky tracks off the album, maybe even an unexpected feature. But all of the factors into the equation I would rank this album a 3.5/5 stars. The album was more crisp and clean than previous albums which I enjoyed but I would have liked to hear more diverse tracks and possibly even different themes. Overall the album was for sure better than previous albums from the Migos.

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