File_000 (12)Story by Lindsay Long, Justice Nawman, and Warner Otto, photo by Warner Otto


Receiving a shiny ring to wear around school is an exciting and motivational time for juniors. Getting a class ring drives students to continue to do well in high school and finish off strong. The ceremony takes place on Tuesday, March 14th.

“I’m excited to get my ring and share the experience with my friends,” junior Crystal Clements said.

Although the school offers a ceremony, some juniors feel as though it is not needed.

“It’s not necessary because everyone could have just gotten their rings by mail or something instead of some flashy ceremony. This is just really good advertising for them,” junior Joakim Kennedy said.

Other students feel they deserve recognition for their big accomplishment.

“Getting school rings is a big deal for most people. And if you bought a ring you expect a ceremony or something,” Crystal said.

A class ring is a gleaming symbol for how grand the accomplishment of completing high school is.

“It just reminds me how far in high school I actually am,” junior Kyle Edgington said.

The styles of rings are diverse, but most come with a high price. Some juniors think that money could be spent more effectively rather than on a piece of jewelry.

“I’d rather spend money on other things,” junior Katherine Baxley said.

Students should have the freedom to decide whether or not to purchase a ring because although some people think they are pointless, the rings can be sentimental to another student and their family.

“Honestly, I think it’s their choice whether to get a ring or not, because some people can’t afford the rings even if they want one,” Kyle said.

A class ring is something a student will possess forever and shows great importance and accomplishments.

“I guess I would recommend people to buy a class ring if they can afford it,” Joakim said. “These rings are nice mementos of high school even though it is not really necessary.”

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