File_000 (11)Story by Warner Otto, Justice Nawman, and Lindsay Long, photo by Justice Nawman

As February comes to an end, ACT testing begins for juniors. All juniors are given the opportunity to take the test on February 28.  According to junior Stephanie Johnson, colleges use the scores to help determine the students they accept. It’s important to do well so you can get into competitive colleges.

“I feel like it’s positive because even though it may add more stress for some students, it’s a way for colleges to set apart the students who are willing to put forth the extra effort vs the ones who’d rather not review material,” Stephanie said.

Students take the ACT for college acceptance and scholarships.

“It can be another way to stand out when applying to colleges,” junior Graeme Wolverton said.

Students prepare for the ACT in different ways. Some students prepare online, while others take classes dedicated to the test.

“I would use practice tests online and eat a good breakfast the day of [the test],” junior Isaiah Bowman said.

Students have different feelings towards the ACT. Some think the test could potentially help them with college acceptance, but some think that it won’t help them at all. According to Erin, the system is effective because the test is administered in a secure environment, and the information that is on the test is important to developing her knowledge.

“I think the ACT is a positive thing because it allows us to see where we are with our knowledge of reading, writing, science, and math,” junior Erin O’Connor said.

The test can show all the hard work you put into your class and can show college how much you know, and it can help determine if you’re right for the college or not.

“It helps when applying to college. The colleges look at your score to determine if you qualify for enrollment. It also helps with scholarships,” Isaiah said.

Junior are given the test for free through the district, but the test with writing costs $56.50 in other environments. Those who take the test feel the price is worth helping them find the right college.

“I think it is best to give the ACT to juniors and seniors because college is closely approaching for us and we are in the best position to do well on the test since we have already taken most high school courses of math, English, and science,” Stephanie said.

The ACT can determine your future college and can help when you begin your career. College prepares you for the start of your career.

“I think the ACT has the potential to be a good thing,” Graeme said. “But for me, someone who doesn’t test as good as others, it can be a roadblock in getting where you hope to end up.”

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