IMG_0860Story by Warner Otto, Justice Nawman, and Lindsay Long, photo by Trey Martin

On Monday, March 20, instead of it being a student holiday and teacher work day all students will have a normal school day. We will make up a day from earlier this year when we had the hurricane warnings for three days. Every month, students usually get a Monday off that is designated as a teacher work day.

According to junior Stephanie Johnson, “I feel like March 20 is a good day for a makeup. I’d rather it be then than as an extra day added at the end of the year because a lot of people wouldn’t show up if it were anytime later in the year.”

There are a lot of different things students can do on their day off.

“I would have just relaxed and [taken] the day off,” sophomore Isaiah Washington.

Students use this as a day to sleep and do whatever they wanted to do before the school week started. It also shortened the school week, so students only had a four day school week.

“It [doesn’t] really affect me so much because I honestly forgot that we even had [March 20] off to begin with,” Stephanie said.

For teachers they lost a day of learning instruction, and it would be good for them to be able to have an extra day to teach their students. It helps them to get students caught up on their learning.

“I think we should make up this day since teachers did lose a day of instruction and even though it may not seem like much, students would be a lesson behind without the makeup day,” Stephanie said.

Some students didn’t even realize we had a makeup day, so they weren’t as affected. Students are expected to come to school that day.

“It affects me because I didn’t even know we had to make this day up,” Isaiah said.  

Some students see it as pointless to makeup the day. According to freshman Daniel German, “I feel like making up the inservice day is pointless because everyone’s not going to want to do anything that day and neither are most teachers.”

“It’s not something that thrills me, but I’d rather make it up now instead of adding days to the end of the year,” senior Leanna Mentes.

Students don’t see why we have to make up because of the weather. According to Leanna, “It’s not something that thrills me, but I’d rather make it up now instead of adding days to the end of the year.”

“I don’t think we should make this day up because one, it was already supposed to be an inservice day, and two, I feel like we all need a day off from school. [Third] quarters have been rough on a lot of people and spring break is so far away,” Daniel said.

Although students don’t want to have a makeup day and don’t want to come to school. Students aren’t affected personally, but just don’t want to come to school on a Monday.

“This doesn’t affect me personally at all. I’d just personally be happy if we didn’t go to school that day,” Daniel said.

Students have different opinions about when we should make up the school day, and which time would be best for students. Some students don’t want to make it up right now.

“I don’t think we should make it up later. If we have to make it up I think we should get it out of the way now instead of being upset about it later,” Daniel said.

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