Story and Photo by Trey Martin

As one looks outside, flowers bloom, trees and grass turn green, pollen fills the air and new life is everywhere, the sign that spring has sprung, but inside the classroom, students throughout Dutch Fork are doing the opposite.

The third quarter has recently ended and classes are kicking off the final stretch towards the end of the year, yet students are fatigued due to the late Spring Break and lack of school holidays. Rather than being placed at the beginning of April, the week long break takes place on the second week of the fourth month, the latest it has been in years.

Of course, the Break corresponds with Easter Sunday, and we aren’t trying to take things up with the Pope and Julian Calendar, but taking away the school holiday in March is what did the students in.

March 20 was deemed a normal school day to make up for a flood that happened all the way in October. While District Five busses were sent to the lowcountry to help relief efforts later in the week, it was completely possible to have school Wednesday and Thursday of flood week, but instead students were given a five day weekend.

The weekend was fun at the time, but now everyone is feeling the effects. Not having the day off on March 20 has students and teachers alike tired. Forget senioritis, District 5 has school-itis.

Teachers are getting lazy, students are uninspired, and everyone is flat out tired from the two month long grind that’s occurred. This takes a toll on grades to end the third quarter and begin the fourth, which can make or break a student’s academic year.

The make up day also served little use. Every class in the school worked hard to catch up on content in order to take a midterm exam. How does a day in March possibly help the time missed back in October?

The past two months without any breathing room have been tough on the members of the student body and teachers. Despite its late start, this year’s Spring Break will be a refreshing boost for all students as they prepare to make the final run towards summer vacation.

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