Story by Justice Nawman, Warner Otto, and Max Franks


It may seem like just yesterday that students took the ACT. As juniors recovered from the crucial test, they prepared for yet another standardized assessment. Workkeys, while not as important as the SAT or ACT, is still a beneficial tool that colleges use to determine a student’s potential success in the workplace. Because of how minor this test is, students received some much needed rest and just kept an open mind.

”I made sure I got enough sleep, and made sure I didn’t psych myself out for the test,” junior Sage Slaght said.

Feelings were mixed going into the test but while some were disappointed by the lack of difficulty, others were confident that they had done well.

“I feel like the test was easy, but very tedious as well,” junior Kwame Kennedy said.

Preparation is an important aspect when taking any test and because juniors did not know what they would be tested on, there were some neutral feelings and uncertainty of what to expect.

“I’m okay because I [didn’t] know what to expect,” junior Katherine Baxley said.

To Kwame Kennedy, the Workkeys test is not a deciding factor in the selection of a potential employee.

“I doubt [an] employer will hire based on Workkeys alone,” Kwame said.

With college on the horizon and various career options awaiting them when they graduate high school, juniors still wonder how this test is going to benefit their educational future. According to junior Katherine Hayden, this test is helpful in defining her future occupation and dictating what path she might take career wise.

“I think it will help define my career choice, and therefore, my degree,” Katherine said.

Other juniors had a negative outlook on the test and felt that it was unnecessary because of the major assessments they had to take prior to Workkeys.

”I do not think it is important for juniors to take. I believe it is just to show if we have a simple skill set. If we have good enough scores on our SAT’s, I feel it’s unnecessary to take this one as well. It felt like a waste of time for me,” Sage said.

Now that the test is finally over, juniors are holding their breaths and looking to the future. Whether this examination helps with college acceptance or is just another evaluation of their abilities, students are apprehensive that this test could reflect badly on their character or show certain areas where they may have a weakness.

“I think [Workkeys] will surprise me, because usually what I think I’m good at I’m actually not,” Katherine said.

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