IMG_2831.JPGStory by Hannah Wright, Lindsay Long, and Destiny White, photo by Lindsay Long


The time of year has come for the girls to take a turn storming the field and scoring touchdowns.

“I’m mostly excited about getting out on the field and pretending I’m a football star. I think it will be really fun,” senior Lindsey Martin said.

Whether it be just for fun or for the competition, each girl participating in the Powderpuff football game has a different reason for being involved.

“Girls participate because they think it’s fun and they want to show guys they could play football, or attempt to,” senior coach Taylor Wiggins said.

The girls see it differently from Taylor, and they are excited to showcase their skills on the field.

“I’m participating because I’m an athlete by choice. I’m most excited competition wise,” junior A’jahlaya Carter said.

Powderpuff is a way to get active in school events and come together with friends to have some fun and stay connected.

“I think it’s a good way to get out and get involved with school activities and it’s just a great way to meet new people,” Lindsey said.

As tradition, the girls are trained by their football playing peers who volunteered to coach them to victory.

“I almost feel like they [the football players] might be harder on us because they actually play the sport and they might want to show us how hard the sport actually is,” Lindsey said.

Other girls have a more laid back view of the game.

“I love that our peers are coaching us because we can joke around with each other and make it fun,” sophomore Maggie Campbell said.

Some girls participate for their own self improvement in sports.

“it shows different girls with different types of skills and some girls are fast and some girls are good throwers,” A’jahlaya said.

The football players are thrilled about coaching the girls teams as well.

“I’m most excited to be able to coach and to watch some athletes compete. I became a Powderpuff coach because they said they wanted to win and can’t without me,” Taylor said.

Aside from the obvious fun and excitement, Powderpuff is an important and cherished event held every year at Dutch Fork.

“I think Powderpuff is important because it allows girls to do a boys sport in a way,” Lindsey said.

The event brings fun competition outside of the classroom environment between grades. Many speculate as to who will take home the victory between the seniors, juniors, sophomores, or freshman.

“I think that the seniors or sophomores will probably win,” Lindsey said. “Probably seniors because we’re seniors, but who knows.”

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