Story by Lindsay Long, Destiny White, Hannah Wright


Student council election week is a nerve wracking time for all students involved. It gives all students running for positions time to campaign all throughout the school and hang up signs.  Elections took place the week before spring break.

“Student council plays a part in events like dodgeball and bonfires and pep rallies and numerous things that helps gets kids involved,” English teacher Betsy Hirsch said.

There are multiple reasons as to why students want to have a position in student council.

“I really wanted to be involved with the school and that’s the best way to, besides doing ROTC and everything else I do,” sophomore Diamond Housey said.

Everyone in student council has a different position that plays an important role in helping aid the development of the school.

“It helps organize the school better and flows through the rules and everything more better,” junior Myah Hancock said.

Being involved in student council can be very beneficial to students, helping them gain recognition and become successful.

“It puts them in a leadership position, so hopefully they’ll go out into the community and maybe become politicians, and as far as for college, it can help them get nice things on their applications,” Mrs. Hirsch said.

The recognition is not only from teachers and elders. Peers also view student council members as leaders.

“Just being a representative I guess for my class just so the upperclassmen won’t forget about us and what we can do,” Diamond said.

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