Easter pictureStory by Warner Otto, Justice Nawman, and Max Franks, photo by Warner Otto

With spring break coming up, that means relaxation, vacations, and Easter Sunday. Students look forward to this break not only because they get to be out of school for a week but also because it gives them an opportunity to spend time with close family and friends.

“[My favorite part about Easter] is hanging out with my family,” freshman Cassie Vunderberg said.

Students have traditions with their families they do every year for Easter and some students just do different activities every year. Sophomore Elizabeth McCants-Baker doesn’t necessarily have any traditions, but uses this day to indulge in her favorite candies and sweets.

“I don’t [really have a tradition, I] mostly eat chocolate and candy,” Elizabeth said.

Some students however are a little less fortunate and their family’s hectic schedules make it difficult to follow a tradition.

We used to [have a tradition] but now my family are all busy,” senior Mason Jimenez said.

Although many people share a different religion, faith still remains a crucial component to this holiday. While students reflect on their favorite parts of Easter, most will never forget the sacrifice that was made for them and the resurrection of the person that would change their lives forever.

“[My favorite part about Easter] is knowing that Jesus came back from the dead, because he sacrificed his sins for us by [being] crucified on the cross,” Elizabeth said.