AP Exam pictureStory by Warner Otto, Justice Nawman, and Max Franks, photo by Warner Otto


Students work hard to prepare for their AP exams, which can take a lot of hard work, but also be very time consuming.

“I prepare by studying a lot before hand, organizing my notes, and looking back at old tests,” freshman Shannon Goss said.

The AP exams compared to normal exams have higher standards and you have to prepare and study more, which also makes them a little more difficult than regular tests.

“They have much higher standards, and you have study and prepare a lot more,” Shannon said.

With AP exams there isn’t a set study guide. This can be nerve racking for students because it promotes a sense of unpredictability.

“They’re more nerve racking because there’s not a set study guide and the teacher is not making the exam, the College Board is,” junior Victoria Keschinger.

AP exams can be a positive thing for students because it can give you early college credit and the tests don’t take too long to finish for most students.

“[My favorite thing about taking AP exams] is getting college credit early so that I can skip that class in college [and] will have more room available on my schedule for other classes I want to take,” Victoria said.

Many students enjoy the material that is taught in their AP class. The busy AP test schedules can get you out of other classes too and students feel good when they are finally done with the class at the end of the year.

“My favorite thing about taking [AP exams] is the fact that I’m done with my AP class and all the new material,” Holly said.

AP testing can also confuse students who are taking the test and their schedules. It doesn’t just affect the students taking the test, but it can affect students who aren’t taking it too.

“[My least favorite thing about AP exams is that] is that they get rid of the bells,” senior Kiya Ross said.

AP testing can also move at a fast pace for some students and that can be difficult for some students who work at a slower pace, causing them to fall behind on their work.

“[My least favorite thing about AP exams is that] they move at a really fast pace,” Victoria said.

Students who are taking the AP exams have to prepare and study hard for this test. It can be quick for some students and others can take a longer time reading over the material.

“AP exams [are different because] you have to prepare a lot more,” Holly said.

Some students, when studying for AP exams, have a time frame in which they study the material. There is an importance to studying weeks in advance because that will help prepare you even more for what’s to come and make it so that you’re not so nervous on the day of the test. Dedicating time to studying for these assessments is crucial in ensuring that you pass the AP exam.

“ [I prepare] by studying throughout the weeks [leading up to the exam], like two weeks before,” Holly said.

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