SAMP pictureStory by Warner Otto, Justice Nawman, and Max Franks, photo by Warner Otto

If students miss a certain amount of days then they have to make them up so that they don’t have to retake the class next year. Students have to come in on the weekend and makeup however many hours they need for each class. According to sophomore Kendra Robinson Yes, that way if you miss a lot of classes you can make them up. Students are able to get the opportunity to makeup their absences. Students do have to sign up and pay a fee in order to do SAMP.

“Oh yeah, I think it’s a great idea because it provides students the opportunity to make up credit hours,” senior Dayana Boston.

Students are able to make up credit hours and makeup their work during that time. SAMP gives students the opportunity to makeup credit and work hard for the classes they were absent in.

“ It would [ensure] that I pass the class I missed assignments in,” junior Kaylee Bera said.

Students have compared SAMP to ALEC where you’re able to makeup your work, but you have to stay the whole time. According to freshman Grace Shelton, “It was like ALEC, but I had to stay after I finished everything,”

“ It is probably a lot like ALEC, you can probably make up your missed work,” Kendra said.

Students might like the idea that they can make up their work and absences. Although most of them like the fact that it’s on the weekend. According to Grace, “I would make it so you didn’t have to pay to go,”

“ I think that they should make it more convenient than a Saturday morning,” Dayana said.

Students who go to SAMP on the weekend have trouble scheduling around other activities. SAMP is during the weekend and it’s all day long.

“I would change it so it’s not like an all day kind of thing,” Kaylee said.

SAMP is a great program for all students but it’s great for the seniors who are graduating and need to make up class credit. It can be great for students to get what they need to get done without having to worry about failing their class.

“[It would benefit me]  by helping me receive make  made up hours towards my credits,” Dayana said.

Some students have never been to SAMP, but think it’s a good way to make up work that you have missed. It’s the time where students need to do what they need to do to make up credit.

“I haven’t gone and I guess I would just expect it to be a study hall kind of thing and for you to make up work you missed while you were out,” Kaylee said.

Students may even be able to not only make up absences but have the chance to bring up their grades up in classes. It can be a great opportunity for students to get extra work to boost their grades.

“[I would expect] something like APEX or extra credit work provided by the teachers of [that specific] student,” Dayana said.

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