Story by Sam Aaron, photo by GoFlashWin

The final buzzer sounds as the Dutch fork Lacrosse team solemnly walks across the field to greet their victor, the Blythewood Bengals. The Foxes came up short in round two of the 5A state playoffs.  The Bengals emerged victorious 8-6.

“I’m proud of the team for battling through adversity and still finishing the season strong with a 4 seed in the playoffs, I’d say that’s pretty impressive considering all the troubles we went through. Although we weren’t able to capture the state title, had we had no injuries I think we would’ve been playing Wando on April 29th for the 5A title,” senior Alex Johnson said.

With the season coming to a close, seniors lost their last chance of making a playoff run.  

“This year meant a lot to me because it was my senior season and the last year I had to play with friends I’ve played with since 8th grade.  I am most proud of the team pulling together at the end of this season and winning out until the second round of the playoffs,” senior Liam Reid said.

Juniors and seniors alike share pride and excitement for making second round of the playoffs for the second consecutive season.

“I’m most proud of the resiliency we showed in some games – especially against Boiling Springs. I was impressed by how we responded in some situations,” junior Adam Wyatt said. “This year was another stepping to making a name for ourselves. It’s something we strive to do every year.”

The future of the lacrosse team looks bright, with freshman faceoff man Max Williams rising to the challenge the team looks forward to a bright future.  

Liam shares this excitement, saying “I expect the team to have a great mentality next year. They learned this season what it took to practice hard every day and I feel like they will come out strong next year because of it.”

“I expect Dutch for lacrosse to come back next season and be a dominant force in 5A lacrosse not only in the midlands, but around the entire state. We have the best JV team in the state constantly forming solid lacrosse players ready to battle it out at the varsity level as past years have shown,” Alex said. “No doubt Dutch fork will be in contention of a state title next year.”

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