Story by Justice Nawman, Warner Otto, and Max Franks

As juniors and seniors await the end of the year, they prepare for yet another standardized assessment. The SAT tests students on their abilities in various subjects, such as math and English. Some students study extensively for this test, but all students have different methods of preparing for a test like this. For some, that can simply be paying attention in class.

“[I prepare for the SAT by] paying attention in class over the years, especially in english class, as it builds your basic reading comprehension,” senior Genesis Childress said.

The SAT is important not only because it evaluates your basic skill set but also because utilization of your scores by colleges is important in determining if you are a potential candidate for their university.

“[The SAT is important because] it helps you get into college, and [it shows] what you know,” senior Bryce Thompson said.

Like any test, the SAT has positives and negatives to it. To junior Elizabeth Manganello, there are some positives to the test, but to students who are not the best test takers, it could reflect badly on their character even if they have good grades.

“It’s good in some ways, but some people are bad test takers but have a great GPA,” junior Elizabeth Manganello.

The SAT is a securely administered test, making the test environment a little more tranquil. This helps not only to ease student’s fears and anxiety going into the test but also to provide them with essential concentration.

“[I believe the test] is very long and [the environment] is very secure,” senior Jonathon Holton said.

Another important component to the SAT is college admissions. If you do not do well on the test the first time, you have multiple chances to take it over the course of your junior or senior year as long as you meet the sign up deadlines. The scores give colleges a chance to assess your academic abilities and your overall studiousness.

“[The SAT] gives colleges a good gauge of how you’re doing academically, and is a big part of your college admissions,” senior Genesis Childress said.

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