Story by Warner Otto

Foxes new and returning come back for 17-18 school year. There are fresh faces coming in as the new freshmen come into their first year of high at Dutch Fork. According to freshman Marcus Leano he prepares for the first day of school by fixing his sleep schedule and starts studying.

Teachers also have to prepare for the first day of school to welcome students back into the year. Teachers have to prepare for a year of teaching.

“Ok so I prepare for the first day of school by countless analyzing of what I need for the first week and I update all my documents, forms, syllabus, website and make sure I’m overly prepared,” art teacher Jamie Chason said.

Some students relax before the first day and do the basic preparing for school of what they need for the first day. It’s so that getting up and getting ready for the first day can be easy for students.

“I just put out clothes and get my stuff together. I make sure everything is ready,” sophomore Katherine Rojas-Cardona said.

Students make sure that they have what they need for the first day of school. They get the supplies that they know they need for the classes for the next day.

“I get all the material I’ll probably need, I get pencils and notebooks.” junior Jasmine Jefferson said.

Some students don’t prepare as much as other students do. Some just get what they think they will need for the first day ready.

“I just get ready and then I go from there.” senior Bryanna Harte said.

As we all enter our first day into a new school year we all make mistakes and we all want to do something different for next year. Students learn from those mistakes for next year.

“I don’t know I’m kind of use to it by now. I would get a map so that I can navigate better,” Jasmine said.

For seniors as this is the last year of high school and being in high school for four years this is all we know. It’s different because college is a lot different than high school.

“Happy but not ready, I’m kind of scared [about the last first day of high school]. Because I’m not ready to be an adult and college is different than high school,” Bryanna said.

Some students even want to take extra time to make sure they are really ready to start school again. They like to take the extra time to prepare for the first day.

“[What I want to change for next year is] Review more of what learned from last year,” Marcus said.

Teachers who help to guide us throughout high school and help us grow as people. Really can be there to help students whether they are graduating this year or not can be very helpful to students because they went through the same experience as we are going through now.

“[My advice is] to be extremely positive because negative thoughts will soak up your whole soul and if you’re positive and looking for the best, you’ll enjoy your whole first week a lot more,” Chason said.

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