1. How is DFHS treating you so far? Dutch fork is treating me quite well. I like the school, and I like all the people here.

2. What is your favorite type of music? Why? I like all music, but I’ll usually listen to rock.

3. What other jobs have you had?  I just came from the middle school. I was an engineer specialist, a scientist, and I was meteorologist.

4. What’s one thing you can give to us for advice as high school students? One thing is to basically do what your suppose to do, and if you do that you’ll be fine. The other thing is enjoy it.

5. What’s one thing you remember about your childhood? Spending a lot of time with my family, and just mainly doing whatever I wanted to do.

6. Where are you from? I from Harrisburg, North Carolina right outside of Charlotte.

7. What’s your favorite thing to do? Depends on the day, my favorite thing to do right now is spending time with my  baby girl.

8. Are you married? Do you have kids? I am married, and have been married for 3 years. I have one baby girl, and right now she is 8 months old.

9. What’s something interesting about you? I used to be a meteorologist.

10. What college did you go to? To study what?  I went to UNCC, to study meteorology and earth science. Then went to Winthrop University for educational leadership.



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