Written by Warner Otto


Instead of students having school IPads this year, students now have school Chromebooks instead. This can be a huge transition, especially to the students who were here last year and used an IPad However, for freshman it makes no difference because they weren’t here to use the IPads last year. According to freshman Dylan Cameron he’s never used an school IPad, so he doesn’t know the difference.

Students have their own mixed feelings about Chromebooks this year. It’s because all students may not have same preferences for how they learn.

“I like the Chromebooks better because it’s easy to use. You can type better and it’s easier to do assignment and Powerpoints,” senior Habakkuk Willis said.

Students and even teachers need the Chromebooks in order to do and keep up with assignments for all the classes. Teachers also need to send assignments to all students in their classes.

“I do [having like Chromebooks for school], especially for me when I take home it’s light and it’s easier to carry. I can put things on Google Classroom,” Learning Strategies teacher Jane Miller.

Students use the Chromebooks in class and outside of class to help them get assignments done and to keep up with what they are doing. Students can also see what’s coming up in classes and see what teachers post.

“Yes [I enjoy having Chromebooks in school], it makes learning my subjects way easier,” Dylan said.

There are cons for students about Chromebooks, but students may not have the same cons that other students do. The preferences for Chromebooks may differ from person to person.

“[What I don’t like about the Chromebooks is] the internet connection,” sophomore Ruby Anderson said.

The Chromebooks may help teacher with assignments and connecting with their students, but teachers also have their cons about Chromebooks just like students do.

“[What I don’t like about Chromebooks is] students play games on them and not doing what they are suppose to be doing, and watching videos,” Miller said.

Like students teachers also have cons about Chromebooks because they can help make assignments get out easier and help keep turning in assignments easier as well.

“I like them [Chromebooks] because I think it’s good for kids to type and with IPads students were playing games on them all the time. It’s easier to monitor with a website for teachers,” Miller said.

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