With the devastation in Texas with Hurricane Harvey, the Dutch Fork Dazzlers hope to help victims.  

“Our students have been talking over our group meme message about how devastating Hurricane Harvey was,” Dazzlers coach Ginny Haynes said, “Later that afternoon Savannah said that we needed to do something, collect something or raise money,  and then it just took off from there.”

Sophomore Savannah Benjamin’s idea was to make a difference in someone’s life.

“I was looking at the news and wanted to make a difference and wanted to be a part of something,” Savannah said, “Not just sit back and watch what was going on.”

“People are joining in and helping the Dazzlers raise money for the Red Cross. I am even donating,”  Freshman Essence Huston said.

I am hoping that people will have their normal lives back and have some damage repaired Essence said.

Many of the Dazzlers feel the same way, they just wanted to make a difference even though it may be small.

“I think it’s really nice that the Dazzlers are taking the time to help people that are in our country and not just people in our state,” Junior Holly Buxton said.

Everyone is welcome to help out the Dazzlers as they collect money for Hurricane Harvey victims.

“We are posting on social media letting everyone know that we are collecting money in a jar,” Senior Lana Stallings said, “Then we are going to send our collection though Google because they are doubling any donations and then send it to The Red Cross.”

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